Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas has come and gone

All that is left in the Mihelich house is a big mess! Everything is torn apart,and toys are all over the place! No matter what I do to keep the mess contained,it finds its way around again. I asked Santa to keep the gift giving to a minimum, I don't think he got that letter! We have a Barbie Camp ground going on here along with a
Playmobile toyland in the middle of my livingroom. The upstairs is in the middle of being painted. Me and my bright Idea's! I have the hallway and Coleton's room almost done. So...For now the downstairs has been neglected.The kids are loving it!!!

I hope to get all the holiday decorations down soon.I would like to have it done by New Years Day,but the past couple of days,I don't feel much for cleaning. I just want to paint! We will see what happen's.

I made my New Years Resolutions and got them written down in my journal. There are only 3. Normally I don't make any because I don't feel like I could go thru with it.But this year I hope it will be different.

My first one is to be more watchful on our money. We have been way to giving and it feels good,but we need to be more frugal. We make a great living but this house needs to be paid off!

My second Resolution is to watch my weight. Not just to lose weight,but to be healthier. I can be a fluffy person,and still eat healthy. Drink more water and eat more veggies.

My third one is to be more organized with my house. To take care of my home for the future. Meaning there are things that we have been putting off that need to be done. The basement for example has a problem that needed to be addressed since we moved in and just haven't bothered with it.It should be dealt with or it will be worse in the long run.

That is it!!! I only have 3!!! Let's see if I can stick to them!!!

Happy New Year!!

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