Friday, December 19, 2008

Some more of Holiday sharing!!

Tonight is our night to gather our friends around and have a potluck! I am actually excited about preparing the food for this. I am making homemade sloppy joes,meatballs,and taco salad. I don't know for sure what everyone else plans to bring.Its a suprise! We try and do this every year right before Christmas,have a big dinner potluck type thing. Normally,every Friday we all meet here and hang out.Play games,watch movies or just hang out. I like it. There have been a lot of different people in and out of my home. Its strange when I think about it sometimes,because I wouldn't have thought to invite them. You know...Someone knows this person,so hey come on and join us. Or this person is friends with him....Sure come on over!! Its neat! I hope they enjoy it here!

Well,I hope everyone has a good time tonight. I will have to show ya's my spread when I take our pictures! Gotta have pictures!!!

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will enjoy mine!

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