Monday, December 8, 2008

Looking back....

This evening I decided I had better start writing out my Christmas cards. So with the help of Nikiah we got everything together to sit down and start writing them out. I got to my third person on my list and realized that person is no longer with us.....I kept my list from the previous years and just decided to see how many have passed on from when I started writing my cards out until now....Its sad to think of them people as being gone from my life.

I got down my list some and came to my dear friend Janet's name. It's still so fresh in my mind,her passing. I know that she is not here this year and it just doesn't seem real,even though its going to be 4 months. It seems weird not seeing her at Walmart or places where this time of year she would be. I really miss her company,her funny laugh....I bought an ornament for her last year for our Christmas celebration....We all knew it would be her last,so what do you get a person who knows its almost time....I bought an angel,very pretty and victorian.She loved anything victorian or primitive. So today while I was going thru some christmas decration ideas on the web.....There was that ornament on someone's tree....I found it hard to control my tears. This year I found another ornament, a pair of angel wings...I placed it on my tree and smiled....Its in memory of Janet......I sure do miss you friend!!

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