Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finding time

Finding time in a day for all the things I want to do is becoming a challenge. It seems like the days are just flying by. I am trying to come on here more and write about what is going on in my life. Just incase someone out there stumbles across my spot on the web.

This weekend was supposed to be about relaxing and spending time with friends and family. And ya know...That is what it was. I even had a chance to meet some new folks. That is the best part about camping. You find new people at the camp grounds.Some local and some from far away.

In every camping trip, I learn something new. I get to see different things that are around me. Unfortunetly,this weekend I had the opportunity to watch an older gentleman fight for his life as first responders and medical staff tried to revive him. Learning,later that evening that he had finally passed on. The rest of the evening I just couldn't help but think about the old man laying there on the ground as the people pushed down on his chest,breathing in one more breath of hope.....As his family sat in the background drinking more alcohol. I should have just turned around on my walk when I came to him laying on the ground with people surounding him,because I just haven't been the same. Just haven't felt the same thinking that the family that he was there with sat there all that night....Drinking and most of the next day.

I know some people greive in different ways,but for me...Thinking of him being alone on that ride to the hospital,and alone in that hospital....Knowing that no one was waiting to hear the news in the waiting room. It has been with me since. Rest In Peace Mr. Mike......

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The camping season...

Its seems like we just got the trailer out of storage! I just love being at the campground. If it were up to me,I would stay there all summer. I love listening to all the birds chirping and the crickets making their noises. When its all dark and the park is quiet,its nice to listen to the night time noises. I love the smell of a campfire. And nothing beats the taste of a hotdog cooked over a campfire.

Thursday we will be heading out to celebrate Christmas in July. Its a whole lot of fun and there are so many different activities for the kids. The campground is all decorated for Christmas. I love to take the kids around the park at night when its all lit up for the holidays. Its a whole new thing when there isn't any snow on the ground.

So, now I am off to get things ready to head out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Miss Dezi

Boy oh boy!!!

Time sure does fly when the summer air is here!!! Winter and snow never goes this fast!!!! Gee,it feels like summer just came and its already July 20th. It hasn't been the warmest summer,but just glad not to see the white stuff!

Lots has happened in the little bit of time I haven't blogged. My bedroom is finally finished and I did get to complete the bathroom project. My next project is to clean the basement.....That will mostlikely take me into the next century!!!Yeah,its that bad! Its been dificult to get the motivation to get down there and find a starting place. I did start lastnight,though...Lets see how much will get done with camping trips coming up.

Besides trying to keep up with house cleaning,I have been helping my parents and camping. Hanging out with friends and family has been on the top of my priorities these days. Camping has been great this year. The 4th of July was a blast. We had 6 families camping with us and more joined us for the 4th activities. It was great to have so many people be a part of that time. A lot of great memories. This weekend we will be celebrating Christmas in July in Baraga.....I can't wait!!!

The other day we added an new member to our family....We named her Dezi. She has to be the cutest puppy I have seen in awhile. She is a great puppy,just wish she wouldn't sleep so much during the day. It makes night time worse for me!!

Well, until the next time....Enjoy friends and family........