Sunday, December 14, 2008

My family

Yesterday was Michaels 13th birthday. 13 years old already! Michael is my little sister Tarri's oldest. She has 3 boys. Michael,Brandon and Devan. Well, yesterday we went to her house to celebrate with some yummy food and cake. And of course some good company. It was one of those kind of days where you just wanted to sit around and just visit.So...That is what we did. Somewhere in the mix we decided to have the boys spend the night at our house! I must of been crazy at that time. We have a house full today. Of course the weather is stormy and cold,so no one wants to play outside. Playing tag in the house is just not happening,so instead,they decide to play hide and seek....Oy Vey!!!

My family is rather large. I have 6 sisters Karen,who has 3 kids. Laurie who has 3 kids. Kelly who has 3 kids. Kim has 3 kids,one of them has passed away. Tamara,she has 6 kids. And Tarri who has the 3 boys. Then I have 3 brothers. John has 2 girls.Michael has 3 kids,and Alan has 3 kids also. WOW!!! That is alot of kids!!!

I wish I had pictures of all of them! But for now I have a few photos of the ones I am closer to.


Elizabeth said...

You have such a beautiful family!!

Tania said...

Thank you so much!!!