Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I posted earlier about ringing in the New Year,something went wrong with the post.So here I am trying to remember what I wrote.

We had a blast New Years Eve. Started out with dinner at the Pilgrim River.The food was done just right. After dinner we went to the DT and ended our night like usual at The Uphill. We drank more than we should have and danced the night away. Everyone seemed to gravitate over to where we were. A lot of laughing...The best way to ring in the New Year!

With that said,now I need to concentrate on the New Year,saying goodbye to 2008. 2008 went out with a bang and alot of great memories in hopes of many more new ones for 2009. And last but not least...Those pesky resolutions I made for the new year have to be followed...Hopefully I can write in 2010 on how great I did in 2009!!!

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