Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Cards

I so enjoy recieving Christmas cards. Its nice to reconnect with lost people that seem to come out during the holidays. I also like to buy them. It takes me forever to find them perfect ones that I want to send out. I like the primitive ones. I often wonder what people do with there collection after the holidays. I wonder if they keep them like I do. I enjoy the photo kind too.It's neat to see how the kids grow through out the years. I like to write a little note in mine.

For the past couple of years I have sent my sister Kim and my sister Kelly a card. They live downstate and we don't have any contact with each other. My dad and their mom were married once and things I guess didn't go too good. I don't know the details,but that side of my family kinda disconnected from us. For me its hard to be distant and angry.I try not be be that kind of person. There isn't anything I can do to bring back the past,but I can change the future. So I found a way to contact them and I wrote them each a letter one year.Every Christmas there after,I have sent them a card with a picture of us in it....I haven't heard from them as of yet....And I wonder if they ever wonder about me like I do them. Now mind you I haven't seen them since I was about 5. I am 34....It seems so strange to me that they may not care to contact me. Are they angry with me because of what happened in the past? Its seems so strange...But I will keep sending them their cards and maybe one day they will suprise me! I won't push the issue,but I just want them to know that I do think of them and wonder about them.

Enjoy them cards...I know I do!!!

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