Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its all about me!!!

Hmmm! Since starting this,I haven't really said anything about who I am or much about what makes me tick!!!

So,here I am. I am a mother of 3. Daymen is my first born.He is 16 and quite a handful these days. People claim it is a phase he is going through,but I am not sure. Then there is Coleton he is 10 almost 11. He is a pretty good kid.Well mannered,and loves World of Warcraft. Nikiah is the baby and is almost 7. She is into all the girly things. Shoes are her favorite!! Or maybe that is my favorite thing!!

I have been with Nick,who I married in Aug. of 2000, for almost 18 years. For the most part him and I are like best friends.Yeah,there is an occasional arguement.But we seem to be on the same wave length about what we want for our family and for us.

There isn't much I don't like in life.I like to be with my family,with my friends....I love camping and being outdoors. I love gardening.Sitting in my yard in my hammock is where you will find me at some part of the day in the summer. I like to listen to all the outdoor noises and take in the views of my yard. I love taking pictures and looking for different spots to go and snap away.
I am a sister to 6 girls and 3 boys.....I have too many nephews and neices to keep tracked. I have a very special nephew who is more like my brother. Troy is very special to me and I love to spend my days with him showing him how life can be. He has CP and is wheelchair dependent.

Hmmm! What else...I am very much into tattoo's and body peircings. If it were up to me,I'd have my whole body tattooed!!! I have 11 tattoos and would love to add to them.

I love to go on vacation with friends and my family. Sometimes its just Nick and I and thats okay too,but I like to create the memories with my children.Sometimes it gets chaotic,but that is what life is all about. That is what happens when you take kids on vacation!!!!
So,there....That is me!!!

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