Sunday, January 4, 2009

What To Do Today

It is a cold one again today! The cold is nothing new but I am just wishing spring could be here! Seeings that isn't happening for a few more months,I have to find different things to do on the really cold days to keep me busy and out of the cupboards! So....All that is left to do is paint!!! I am growing tired of painting! But stupid me decided to redo the rooms upstairs.

And being a boring Sunday...I painted the day away. I finished the hallway and the closet. Did some more in Coleton's room and did some in my room. I wasn't planning on painting my bedroom so soon,but I found this awsome green color. I painted the hall closet that green because I am turning it into a little office space.I like the color so much that I started painting my bedroom. So...I guess I am painting my room!!

Don't worry I will post pictures as soon as I am done with it all!


Elizabeth said...

We are just now getting cold in AR but we don't get snow. We just get ice. :( I'm waiting for spring too!

Tania said...

Ahh! I would love a winter without snow.Just once!!