Monday, January 12, 2009

Why I Hate WInter!!!

There are many reason's I hate winter!!! The biggest reason being,idiot drivers! We live in the snow capital of the US.It is winter here almost 9 months out of the year.Once it starts snowing,it doesn't stop until spring...Okay so July!!!

So,on the radio the weather man comes across,telling us there is a storm warning...blah blah blah!!! Nothing new!! But all the idiot drivers get in there cars and feel the need to go to Walmart! Not because they need to get to and from work,they NEED to go to Walmart!!!

In the middle of the highway is a wreck.....Some dumb ass was driving in the middle of the two lanes or something like that. Of course a person from another country!!! (Sorry if you come from another country,but learn to drive before you get behind the wheel!!!!) So here was a pile up of cars when we come DOWN HILL around a SHARP corner....We started sliding and the back end is going all over.....I think we slid all the way down the hill sideways!!! I was so scared....Then we come to the cop car...Sitting in the middle of the road with the officer just sitting there...HELLO MOVE THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY!!!

We made it down the hill with no injuries...Just messy pants!!!Hehee!!! Kidding!!! So....I am not moving outta my yard until the snow is gone!!!!

Drive carefully!!!

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