Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing here for the past couple of days. At first it is beautiful.The scenery is different and bright to take in. But then April comes and its kind of tiresome by then. There is a lot of things to do here in the winter,that is one nice thing...But bundling up the kids and getting yourself bundled up gets rediculous after the first two weeks. By December the mittens have gotten lost and they can't find their hats,thinking they left them somewhere on the bus. Then by April you feel like you invested millions into the mitten stockmarket. Funny how in July you seem to find all those missing mittens somewhere around the house!

Well, this year we are somewhat prepared for the many feet of white stuff. Not only are we set on winter attire,but we have some new winter activities to do with the kids. Last year I found my way on to the ice rink....Never been skating before! I had so much fun,and am excited to get started on doing that again this year. Sledding is always a must,but sometimes I am too afraid to go down. So,I sit back and watch the kids. They have a good time and it seems to wear them down real quick.
This year though,we are going to venture out on some snow shoes. I have never done this either and here its a lot of fun and we will get some exercise. So, now I just have to get moving on buying some snowshoes.....

Winter Greetings.....

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