Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting Ready For The Christmas Season

I have been so excited to get my Christmas stuff out of the basement and start decorating. I love this time of year!!! I love the feeling of how friendly and giving people are. I like reading in the newspaper or seeing the news about how this person gave this or that....For all the awful people out there,their are millions more that are giving and caring. Some people give monetary donations,some give their time,some give their prayers and thoughts....Whatever you give give it with lots of love!!!

A couple of weeks ago my favorite store "The Wicker and Willow" had there annual holiday open house. I just love looking in that store. The Owner is so very friendly and its just a nice feeling store. Well,I just happened to be the 3rd person to make a purchase that night,which in turn I won the door prize. Not really knowing what to expect...I was so suprised to see 2 snowmen there waiting for me on Monday. They are so cute and I can't wait to decorate my house with the Mr.and Mrs.!!

Today we took alittle trip to a few of my favorite stores to get a few new decorations. It seems I have everything I need,but then you see a few things and you just have to have them! For some odd reason the apple green color has really caught my eye this year and seems to look really good with my colors in house here. I picked up a few different things here and there. I can't wait until I get them all in there places.

Until I get them in there place...Here are some sneak peeks!!!

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