Monday, November 10, 2008

The weekend is gone....

Yeah,another weekend that came and went. Seems like a lot happened this weekend. I accomplished so much and I even manage to have time for some visiting and shopping!

I am almost....ALMOST done with the kitchen. I have just the trim left on the basement door and then I can finish the hallway upstairs. So things are coming along.

All 3 of our cats got declawed this weekend,so that will cut my time in half with a paintbrush. They have all taken part in ruining our trim around the doors and my favorite chair.So I finally talked Nick into bringing them to get it done. Now I am left with cleaning up the claw marks on almost every door way.I guess I will be busy!

My sister in law and brother in law stopped by this weekend. I like visiting with them. We don't do it too often,but its nice when we do. After they left, Scott,Jenn and their kids along with Bob,Brian and Danielle came for a cook out. IN THE SNOW!!!

Yeah...Snow.....We decided to go to Marquette on Sunday. Our Expedition broke down,we had to get it towed.So we took the truck. Well, on the way home we almost ended up in the trees. It was so stormy out. Almost hit 3 deer and saw a car on its roof....So yeah...I was sure glad to get home yesterday!!!

Enough excitement for one weekend.....

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