Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Finds....

Today I hit the motherload of all greatness!!! I have been looking and looking for the perfect window treatment to put in the diningroom. So,we took the kids down to the Childrens Museum and did alittle shopping. There they were hanging way in the back of Pier One Imports. I was so excited to get them home and see how they would look. They look just like I thought they would! Perfect!!!! So the search is finally over....

My house is coming along just the way I had planned it. I have gotten all my primitive things put into storage. I have grown out of that phase. I have some unique primitive things and I don't really want to part with them as of yet...So down the basement they go until the next time. I have boughten some more modern things,painted more of the brighter colors. I love the new look. I still have a lot more painting to do,but I am just so happy that its all coming together. I plan to have more of my family pictures around,of course I have to add some of my crazy friends in there too!!!

Maybe when I am all done painting and things are back together I will share some of my home with all yous!!! Hopefully you are as happy as I am with the transition!

Stay tuned!!!!

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