Thursday, October 23, 2008

SO excited!!

I just recieved my Adobe Photoshop Cs4 today and can't wait to start messing around with it. I have been trying some different things out with my photos and my subjects. I love taking pictures. Just ask Bob!!! He thinks I am a crazy lady when it comes to taking pictures. I just want to remember all those great moments in my life. I know that they will always be in my memory,but its nice to look back at the pictures and remember. I hope to get better at photography and have been doing some on line programs and learning how to use the features on my camera..... I am sure my children are going to grow sick of the camera,but it will be something when they are all old and find my stash of photos I have kept for them.

The house is coming along really slow....I just amaze myself though sometimes. I put in a new light fixture all by myself last night. I grew tired of waiting until someone could come and do it. I figured the worst that could happen is that I got electrocuted.....So I decided to take on the task myself....And I DID IT!!! It hasn't fallen down yet or blew up,so I guess I did it right!!! AH! Who needs a man??!!! Women can do it too!!!

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