Monday, May 31, 2010

The little things.............

Here are some of my favorites.....

Time Flies..........

I often thought about writing on my blog,but didnt think many people would read it. I see a few people stopping by here,thought maybe I should update it!

Well, at around 8:10pm on Monday,May 17...I became a grandma! So many mixed feelings.Happy,sad,worried...Confused....But looking at little Nivayah in all of her 7lbs,13oz's of cuteness, I couldn't help but smile. Smile at the perfect little face of hers. All the dark hair,the chubby cheeks...Her 10 fingers and 10 toes...That wonderful baby smell. My heart just melted when I saw my son hold her for the first time. He is such a proud young man. I still can't believe that I am for sure a grandma.....It doesn't seem real,just 18 short years ago, I held him in my arms for the very first time. Its going to be a long hard road for them,but they will get it right!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010

Wow....where did the time go? Its 2010 already. The days just don't seem long enough. In a way I am glad its a new year though. A new start with some things. An end to some others. I did make some New Years Resolutions,and I am not sure why. I never seem to go thru with them and end up kicking myself later on for not atleast trying to make it.

My only issue is my weight. That is the one resolution I make to change and I always seem to fail. So I am at it again......Maybe this year will be that magical year!!!

Happy New Year everyone.......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Falling behind.......

Boy where does the time go? Seems just like I posted yesterday......All that time in between doesn't seem like all that long!

Since the last time I wrote...We have had at least 3 feet a snow drop on us in the past few days. It really sucks! I don't drive in the winter,so I don't go out very often. Sitting in here really starts to get to you after awhile. I can only do so much cleaning before that gets sickening. But soon we will start snow shoeing and sledding and all that winter has to offer way up here. I do have to admit,the snow does add to the Christmasy feel.

Speaking of Christmasy feeling....Christmas has broke open here at the Mihelich home and I love it! I think this is my favorite time of year. My favorite part is sitting here with just the twinkling of the lights and the fireplace going....

What are you favorite parts of Christmas?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lia Sophia

Last Thursday I got together with some friends for a girls night. We talked jewlery and had a few snacks,played a few games of Blingo and some even won free jewlery. So....I had a few orders leaving my party and managed to get a few more outside orders.....I got sooo much free jewlery!!! I cannot wait to see it all. I looked that book over and over. I am pretty sure I know it all by heart,that is how many times I looked at it! It took me 3 days to finally figure out what I want,then at the last minute, I found that I could get more free stuff....Back to the drawing board!!!! I am so excited for it all to be here!!!!! I will have to post pictures when my treasures come in!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Fun

Finally a weekend out of town,no kids to worry about,just me and some really close friends.....Oh and....The Dallas Cowboys!!!!! Margarita's and real malls! Couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Even though the Cowboys lost to the Packers and out friends are all Packer fans,we had the perfect weekend! The weather was beautiful. No snow pants this year! There were 10 of us this year and it was just a great time. I really am greatful for all of those friends that I have. It is really nice to spend some time with them! Just wish we could do this more often!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just random thoughts.....

Today was a good day!!! I reordered some makeup from Bare Minerals...I just love that stuff. I tend to go over board though and buy way too much,but they have such nice eye shadows!!! So darn excited for it all to come in!

Not much else is going on here in the Mihelich house. Just getting ready for winter here. The weather has been so nice, I hate to think about snow coming.I did get a few last minute things done in the yard to prepare for spring. Got some bulbs planted and some plants moved around. I can't wait to see what next spring brings in my gardens. Got all the house cleared of clutter and changed out a few more things in preparation for Christmas time.

As for the Baby news...Daymen and Steph got to here the heartbeat last week....160 beats....So any thoughts on what its going to be!? I am getting more excited as the days go by. Although, the worrying is still there to put a damper on my excitement. I hope in time the worrying will fade and the enjoying will begin!!!

Well, until the next time....Thanks to all the veterans out there...Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for our country!!!