Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting on Weight!!!

How come it takes so much energy and strength to lose a dang pound. It has been about a month that I started working on exercises and really watching my food intake. So...I weighed myself before I left the Gym today and I am up 2 pounds than when I started the darn place! How???? So, I am kind of disappointed. Make that really disappointed!!! I do feel better about myself reguardless of what the scale says,but it would have been nice to see a decrease...Not the increase I found when I looked down. I just have to keep going. Keep drinking the water and making those small changes that I have been doing. Soon enough I will start seeing results. I just have to keep telling myself not to give up!

I went back up in my bedroom today and started painting again....It needs to get done and the only way I am going to get through it is going back up there. I can't wait until it is all done.It is going to look so nice and Springy!!!Fresh new bedding and curtains. So I gotta keep plugging along...Spring will be here before you know it and there won't be a whole lot of time inside....

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