Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making a comeback!!!!

Well, it has been over a month since I last wrote. I told myself...I better get back on here before too much time passes! I think winter is finally giving up the fight and moving back to where it came from. It has been beautiful out the last week or so. I guess that is the reason my spirits are on the rise. Winter can get so long here in the U.P.

Nothing really has changed since my last post. The house projects kind of came to a hault because I just ran out of energy. So, I have a half painted bedroom which is on my to do list. I had some major set backs with the hall way. But thats a story for another time! But things are coming along...Slowly,but surely!

I have made progress in the weightloss area though. Which I am proud to say! pounds lost as of yet. But Nick and I started the gym last week. We haven't missed a day yet. I love it there. I do feel much better,and I am eating much better. SO hopefully we will see some changes in the clothing part. I hope to see smaller sizes in my future. And maybe 20lbs from now...I will see a new tattoo in my future~!!!

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