Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today was Jan's funeral. She has been in my thoughts so much the last few days. I think more so than before she passed away. I have thought about her family also,her boys and her husband...Her sister,the grandkids...They all were so close to her. She was always talking about her family. I wonder how one goes on after the funeral.... How will Butch be after all the goodbyes are done? After all is said and done and there is that first minute alone to let one dwell on the world around them without the one they have had there forever. She wanted us to remember her and not be sad,but how does one do that?

Her funeral was beautiful and just what she wanted. She had her favorite songs sung and her favorite verses read,and BUBBLES!!!! That was just like her to have bubbles there. She was so full of life even at the end. The whole church blew there bubbles as the congragation walked out and everyone smiled. There was a beautiful lunch at the church with her favorite ice cream maple nut.....What a better way to celebrate her.....

Live,Love,Be Happy
Janet 6/20/43-8/24/08

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