Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day....

Today we helped Steve and Suzette celebrate with Nicks mom. It was a nice time. I love to hang out and talk. They are very busy, we are very busy. So time with family is very rare. I like to hear about the different things their kids are doing. Its so sad to see how everyone is growing up. I guess not sad...but just hard to believe...Where has the time gone. So today even though it was snowing out it was a great day. Mom Judy didn't have to waiste her time in the kitchen cooking. We ordered pizza had sat and talked....And did awhole lot of laughing. A nice day to store in the memory bank!

Looking back on Mothers Days past... There was an elderly lady working in her flower garden all by herself one Mothers Day. I am sure she had children but maybe they didn't live nearby. It bothered me for some reason that she was all alone in her yard. I turned my car around and went back to the store. I went to the floral department and told the lady to make me a special bouquet, the price wasn't important. The flowers were so beautiful....So I rode back down the road towards home and there was the lady,still in the garden. I stopped the car in the drive way and took the flowers to her....She looked up and said hello....I said..." I know you aren't my mother,but I felt that you needed something special today." She was so happy and her eyes got tears in them....She thanked me over and over. I got back into my car and drove away...I felt so good that I started to cry!!! A few months later, I recieved a card from her thanking me....I don't know how she knew it was from me because I never left my name on the card. I loved that good feeling so much that I do that more often now.....Some people have never recieved flowers.....It brighten there day and I am glad!!!

Happy Mothers Day Ladies!!!

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