Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Changes are going on!!!

Well, the dreaded painting is done in my bedroom. I love it!!! Everything is coming together so nicely.Everything is cleaned out and cleaned up...Rearranged and so fresh and airy! I am not ready to show it off yet as I am waiting for a small chair for the corner by the closet. I found the perfect little chair to sit and read my books in. So...While I am waiting for the Target package,I am off to paint the master bathroom. I am going with the same style as in the bedroom of course,but the paint will be a shade or two lighter. I have already started on the ceiling painting it white. For some odd reason when I painted the bathroom a couple of years ago, I did the ceiling in the same color as the walls...What was I thinking!!!!

Sad to say though,there is only a 2 lb difference in the wieght department! I shouldn't say its sad,because it is 2 lbs and its better than a gain. But I just get so discouraged sometimes. I have been going 6 days a week and working my tail off for 2 hours everytime. And I only lost the 2 lbs!!!! Well, I know that I have to keep going and keep eating the good foods. I will have my ups and downs,but down the road it will pay off. Even though there isn't a big difference in my weight in numbers,my clothes fit better and I feel much better. Not so tired feeling and that guilt is not there like it was before. Things that I never thought I could do,I can do them....Like the stepper at the Gym. I would have never thought to try it out let alone be on it for 25 minutes and burning 200+ calories on it. I am up to 60 crunches on the crunch machine.When I started I couldn't even get the 10 done! I am up to riding 5 miles on the bike in a 20 minute period. I feel better now than I did a month ago. And I guess that is what matters not what the scale says!!! So,I am going to keep with it another month and see how things go. Its a life time commitment and I think I am heading in the right direction.

Nick is right there along with me working hard and that makes me happy to see him there and the changes that he is making. He is working hard...Thanks Nick for getting us signed up and pushing me when I don't want to be pushed!

Speaking of changes...Spring is here and the snow is starting to melt. Little by little the grass is showing.Its so nice to hear the birds chirping in the morning. I cannot wait to get outside and do some yard work. That is my favorite spot,out in the flower beds getting things to grow!

Happy Spring! Get out and enjoy the sunshine!!!

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